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Grammar tip for 10/21

What's the difference between there, their and they're?

So you're scrolling through the comments in a video and you see a comment that says "your so beautiful!" And you stare at it. And you start doubting yourself and your knowledge. Is that correct?

Even thought these three words sound the same, they have different meanings and uses.

Like the last post, I'll talk about their classification, their meaning and give an example.

Since 'they're' and 'their' are similar in use, let's start with 'there,' the easier of the three.

'There' is actually an interesting word, because it could be used for many things. The most common use is an adjective or an adverb, such as "She is going there" whereas "there" describes going. Or "She is there in the house" where "there" is describing "she."

The most important thing to remember about "there" is that it usually talks about a place or a state of being, such as "there is water here."

As opposed to the other two words, which are talking about people, not places. What does that mean?

"Their" is a possesive pronoun. It's function in a sentence is to indicate who an object or person belongs to. Example: "Have you seen their new puppy?!"

"They're," on the other hand, is a conjunction of they and are, a noun and a verb. Example: "I heard they're showing a new movie at the theaters tonight."

In conclussion, because this is hella long and we don't have time for all this confusion:

There is referring to a place or state of being.

Their is a possesive.

They're is 'they' and 'are' with a little comma hanging out with them.

Thanks for reading and be sure to like and comment any questions you may have! ✌🏻

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