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Self-love project (Day 7)

I love myself

I love the me that I was, am, and will be.

I love the prospect that is yet to come.

I love the excitement of the different roles I will have in the near and not so near future.





I love that I will be able to live all of these things because it's what I want my life to be.

I love that I have the possibility to pursue whatever I want and the will to go after it.

I love that I dare to dream.

Most of all, I love myself and I love you guys.

This new year will bring many surprises, both negative and positive. But I appreciate the support I've gotten not only here, but on my etsy page (pocketful of andrea) and my instagram (@pocketful_of_andrea). This year will be different, but only if we will it to be. I have faith in you guys and I hope you have a beautiful night.

Also, what do you love about yourself today?

¡Feliz víspera de reyes!

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