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Welcome to 2021

This year, as my resolution, I've decided that I resolve to being me this year. This last year, I lost myself on focusing to work and making money and saving up and staying home. Life passed me by that year, but no more. This year, I will embrace my passions and pursue my art and my writing. 2021 will be my year. Let's say our last goodbyes to the lost year and do our best to make this next year our best year yet!

To start this off, I am almost done with the first draft of my firsr novel! Aside from that, I have opened an etsy page (Pocketful of Andrea, which has this same logo) where I will share the art I have been keeping in books or giving away. I also made an official Pocketful_of_Andrea instsgram page where you can follow my journey into art and literature! And you're always welcome back to my blog 😊

Welcome to the first year of the rest of your life. May it be prosperous and filled with dreams come true!

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