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Our little piece of Diaspora

It's always been incredible for me to imagine someone leaving everything they've ever known and taking a plane to an unknown land to start over. It didn't become any less incredible when I found myself doing just so. Freshly married and with a dream, we packed our lives in cardboard boxes and jumped into the abyss, in search of a dream: to conquer the great giant called USA (the mainland, at least).

We made a small good-bye tour with a couple stops along the way: other family members that were also experiencing the diaspora in different spots of the US. A small glimmer of hope, of family in a giant space of loneliness.

We finally arrived in Florida, with no jobs and relying on the kindness of friends for a bed. It took around a month to find jobs, a car and an apartment of our own. We hit the ground running and were at a good pace. It seemed too good to be true!

My husband had a job where he worked from home. It was ideal, as we had one car, and it was easy enough were he could pursue other passions.

I had found a job at Walt Disney World, which was the whole reason we started our adventure in Florida.

I couldn't believe we had made it. We're finally here! With our two cats, our family was ready to start our lives. Ready to see what the next 5 years, which was our initial minimum, would bring.

With our hearts half in our new adventures and half back home, riddled with nostalgia, we were ready for whatever the new challenge would bring.

What happens next is another story for another time...

Asante Sana!

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