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Picking myself back up

Hey, friends! I know I kind of abandoned this blog, mostly because life has been moving faster than I expected it to, but I decided to give it one last try (per my husband's suggestion).

Last time I posted, I was just starting my Disney adventure. And now, we've been here almost 2 years! Safe to say we made the big move and I got the job. I've been a Cast Member since August 31st, 2022. And although I've met some wonderful people and I made that dream come true, it might be time to look for my next dream. I don't want to sit in acceptance of "I did it". I want to keep finding challenges I can accomplish.

My book is still a big goal I have for this year. It's done, ready to be published and even has a cover! Just waiting for the right moment to make it happen (long story).

It kind of feels like I'm talking to an empty room with this blog. but maybe that's what I need, you know? Just to let it out. It's been a year of growth and of learning patience, trusting the process. It's May and I can proudly say I've been keeping up my goals for the year and have even gotten better in the day-to-day maintaining of adulthood.

I'll make some posts this week dedicated to my Disney adventure, since I've kind of left you hanging, so you can read if you'd like and see what my life's been like these last two years.

Here's to 2024.

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