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Exciting news!

For those of you who don't know me and follow me on social media, I'm getting married soon! And as a fiancee, I'm slowly discovering how overwhelming getting married is. Not just because of all the stuff one has to do, but the pressure to look a certain way that day and the work it takes to get there. If you're like me and the pandemic has not been kind to your body, you might understand why this is a problem. That kind of pressure (from people, from society, from yourself) can completely destroy your self-confidence and self-image. And if you've been a read for a while, you know that I started a self-love project and quickly found it hard to continue. So I've decided to try another route. Instead of writing every day about something I love (because let's be honest, it's hard to find something when you're not in that mindset), I'm going to post a picture of myself every week. Whether it's an outfit, my face, a moment I'm happy, anything, but showing me. My instagram (which is where I post pictures) has become about anything and everything that does not show me and I think that forms a huge part of how I continue to see myself. If I'm ashamed to post myself on the internet, then I won't want to try to look put together day to day. I know you guys can relate to just kind of giving up on ourselves. And not to satisfy how society wants us to look, but to feel good about ourselves and be happy with our bodies.

So here we go! If you want to follow along, you're welcome to! @magical_dremi on instagram ❤

Here's to loving myself and getting married 🥂

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