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Post #1-Get to know me

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Hey, everybody!

My name is Andrea Echandía Vizcarrondo, even though most people know me as Dremi.

I am a University of Puerto Rico, Creative Writing graduate (BA).

I'm currently in my 20's and I've started this page as a way to share my writings.

I hope to find my way in the literary world and find my style of writing with this exercise, as well as maybe inspire you guys to explore your creative side!

I intend to share writings such as:



Short Stories

Day to day occurrences

Just all around random thoughts

Some writings will be in English, some will be in Spanish, given that I am bilingual.

I also want to make this interactive! So if you, as a reader, want me to make a story out of something in particular, just give me a prompt and the kind of writing you'd like to see and I'll see what I can do!

If you're also an aspiring writer and need some help as well, contact me! Don't be shy. The literary world is a maze and we're all just trying to find our way out. We have to help each other out.

Look out for a post with 20 fun facts about me to learn about me a bit more and welcome to my mind! Thank you for reading and joining me on this adventure :)

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