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Getting a hold of it

For those who didn't know, I recently got a job in the hotel industry, something I was planning to do as a stepping stone to prepare and train so I can be a Disney cast member again soon. I love this job more than I thought I would, even if it has its ups and downs. I was finally ready to continue my journey. But then Omicron happened. And while I prefer people stay home safe instead of spreading the 'rona, it has greatly affected my hotel. Which means my job is no longer a source of comfort and stability for me. I am still there, of course, but with the worry of whether I can live with the salary I am receiving now. There is always the hope it will get better soon, but I am now on the crossroads of whether I should wait it out (which is what I will probably do) or give up on that and look for a safer place.

I know the title is a little confusing, but I'm getting to it. Given that I'm home a lot more now (hopefully for just a bit), I've decided to venture out and restart my hobbies, hopefully get something out of them.

So far in the year, I:

  1. restarted this blog

  2. finished my book (which I will hopefully publish soon!)

  3. reactivated my Etsy shop (PocketfulOfAndrea)

  4. streamed with my husband on YouTube (something we had wanted to do for a while, Silly Geese on YouTube)

  5. even made an instagram for my cats, because why not?

This year, I'm dedicating it to me. Not just working, but of personal growth. The pandemic had me hyper focused on work, then home, then work and I left everything behind. So no more: this year, we're being creative!

Not everything is about making money, even if society wants to convince us it is. Here's to creating for me.

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