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Getting some impulse

So I decided to write today because I have been using this blog as like a sort of Diary and I had some thoughts to share.

We've recently been struggling financially because my husband was terminated from his job, along with everyone else. We're pretty ok so far, but it has come to the point where some tough decisions had to be made and we're moving back in with parents. Now, as an adult who has lived away from home in three different apartments and had finally gotten used to the independence (I was a very anxious young adult), moving back home often feels like a step backwards. It was playing with my feelings hard and it made me feel like sort of a failure. I am still working, I am still pursuing my dreams, but I have to give up what had become my home.

That is until the other day I talked to my dad about it. And he told me: "Sometimes, to make a big jump, you have to go back and get a running start." That completely changed my mindset about the whole situation. While I am giving up my home, it is only so I can save up as much of my money and make it to my next stepping stone in life. The stepping stone is just a bit farther away than I thought and it needs a jump rather than a step. And like I said, I'm still working. My book is still being edited. I've even started drawing again and the YouTube channel is growing.

I even feel lucky that one of the hardest struggles a marriage can go through is happening at the beginning of my marriage and we're proving we can get through it. That maybe we're cut out for this marriage thing.

If you're feeling like this right now too, a little lost and stuck, just know you're not alone. We'll be ok. We'll all be ok. And we'll get where we want to go. It's just gonna take a little impulse to get there.

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Mariana Victoria
Mariana Victoria
Mar 05, 2022

This really came in a time where I needed someone to tell me it's gonna be okay. I'm sorry your going through this, but I'm glad you're handling well and there does seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel for you. Keep doing you. You're amazing.

Replying to

i'm so glad to hear I could at least give you a sense of calm ❤️ we've got this! 💪🏻

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