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Self-love Project (Day 1)

We often complain about being underappreciated by our partners, by our friends, even by our parents.

But why don't we ever complain about being underappreciated by ourselves?

I know I forget constantly to remind myself the good things about me and usually focus on the negatives.

I made a post not so long ago about asking the right questions.

Well, I decided to extend on that.

Kind of a "fake it till you make it" excercise.

I will remind myself that I love myself every day until I start believing it.

And, per the suggestion of a friend of mine, I will add SOMETHING I love about myself each day.

Fair warning: I may repeat things I love about myself, because I just particularly love that about myself that day.

And that's ok.

You need to rediscover your love for yourself by focusing on one positive thing, even if you already focused on it; if it works in building up your self-love, it is valid.

I invite you guys to also do this excercise every day.

This pandemic has not been kind to many of us and I think we need the reminder.

Sign up for the notifications of whenever I write and become a member! It'll send you an email whenever I post and I can also see a name and not a number of a person reading 😊 Hopefully, I cheer up your day just a little bit.

So let's start this excercise today:

I love myself.

I love my eyes, which often get compliments.

Even thought they don't particularly work well, they let me write and create.

They let me see my loved ones faces.

And even if they were to stop working one day, I still love them for everything they did.

Even if it's vain, they make me feel pretty and unique.

So today, I love my eyes.

What do YOU love about yourself today? Comment below!

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Feb 21, 2021

Whaaaat i just commented this on the other post without knowing!!! “Fake it till you make it” love youuu

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