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Self-love Project (Day 2)

I love myself.

I love my creativity.

No amount of mental block ever stops me from wanting to do something creative.

When I just can't write anymore, I'll start drawing.

When I don't want to draw anymore, I'll build something.

This year alone, I began writing two different novels, started a blog, learned to needlepoint, build some wooden figures (with instructions, no cutting required), made some diamond art, streamed video games, even recorded a podcast!

Even on my laziest days, I sing all day long.

I love that I was born to be creative.

I love that my life is words and colors and figures.

I wouldn't change it for any other career out of fear of not being able to make money, because I know that I wouldn't be happy.

What do you love about yourself today? Let me know in the comments below!

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