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Something to look forward to

Do you ever feel stuck in a state of inexcitement? Life, especially this year, has kind of frozen in place. With everything going on and all the exciting plans we have all had to cancel, it's easy to fall into a sense of monotony.

If you're lucky enough to never have lost a job during the pandemic, life also got very slow. Work, home, work, home, it gets exhausting. Being stuck at home was not exactly people's plans this year.

So how do we get out of this rut?

Aside from what a lot of people did, which was pick up a new hobby, the most we can do is just choose something to be excited about for the new year.

Yes, yes, I know. Time isn't real, January 1st is just another day, but even if it's symbolic, we can pretend it's a new beginning. Just to keep our sanity.

You want to go on a trip? Book it!

You want to start a new project? Start planning it!

You want to start a new adventure? Be adventurous!

(This is all, of course, while being safe).

Nothing is too small! Are you excited about a new outfit you wanna show off? That's good enough!! Anything that brings you joy works.

The new year has to be started with some hope that this will all get just a little bit better.

I am so excited for so many things next year and it's honestly what's keeping me motivated for the rest of this year.

2020 was a bust, let's not let 2021 be like that too. This is our year, guys!

PS: I want to present my new logo! Designed by Johnel, my boyfriend (he's really excited about graphic design! His 2021 plans will include more projects like these and that's something he's looking forward to).

Tomorrow, I will share another writing with you guys!

Remember to be safe out there!

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